Rudra Abhishek

RudraAbhishek : There are 2 kind of RudraAbhishek a) Small RudraAbhishek is for 2 hours . This pooja chanting is of vedic mantra with Jal Abhishek given to lord shiva.This pooja will cost u From Rs 500. b) Big RudraAbhishek is for 4 hours. This pooja is done for Graha Dosh, DhanPrapti, To fulfill all your blessings etc. This pooja will cost u From Rs1100.

Mahamrityunjay Jaap MahaMrityunjay Jaap: This pooja is of 1,25000 jaap done by brahmins.,All the Jaap includes hawan, Marjan, Tarpan & Brahma Bhoj.This Pooja helps u to relieve u from illness, Graha problems, Business problems,Laxmi Prapti, This will cost u Rs 25,000 for 7days with 11 Brahmin.

Meaning of Shiv Mantra