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Jyotish Vidya
Jyotishvidya helps people to know about your future.Jyotish Vidya is a science known as Astrology which provides the guide lines towards all aspects of life, harmony of minds, body and soul. It enables one to forecast one's future course of events, as well as reveal one's past life. These predictions are based on observations, perceptions, calculations and experiments.Using one's birth information (birth date, time, and place) we make birth chart (Horoscope). Through this chart, we predict about one's future. If you are seeking help and want to get some expert guidance through astrology then you have rightly reached here. We can provide you guidance about your marriage, money matters, health, career and relationships.If you are planning to setup a new business or want to purchase or shift to a new house or planning an important journey, or any other upcoming event that you are planning, then you can consult our Astrologer. We can also guide you regarding the right time (Mahurata) to start anything new.
The 2 imp parts in Jyotish Shastra is Gadit (Calculation) and Phalit (Result). Gadhit helps u to calculate your stars and Phalit is result of your stars. Jyotishshastra helps u to make your horoscope with the help of your exact birth time, birthplace, & birthdate. With the help of this kundali you can know the problems of your life and their solution like,Anfa, Sunfa, Gajkesari, Malav, Rajyog, Daridyayog, Mangala, Mangali, Kaalsarpyog etc.
Kaalsarpyog: If u have this yog in your kundali then u have to face lots of problem in your life.
Mangal Mangali : It is the Paap grah yog which effects the life of human benefits.It is in 1st ,4th,7th , 8th ,12th, position.In the 12th house if the paap grah will be there or mangal will be there it will be very bad for husband and wife. If it is in wife house it will affect the husband house. If it is in husband house it will effect the wife house. Its solution is by ghat vivah or tulsi vivah. If mangal yog is there in your fourth house, vehicle problem, land problem will be solved by your horoscope. All the solution from birth till death can be given here .To keep your stars for good result vedic puja should be done and stone should be worn by the people suggested by panditji. If you don't have your birth time, birth place your problem can be solved by seeing your palms .Problem like vastudosh can be solved by the yantras. Shree yantra can be worn to solve the problem and spatic shree yantra kept in house helps to get money. Always see the good time Nakshtra to start anything new in life, this will help u to get success in life
All the works done in kashi is called Sarvotam (excellent). Lord Krishna says in Bhagwat Geeta in 12th lesson and 13th slook that kashi is the greatest tirth, All the Daan, Jaap, Hawan Adhayan, will never lose its image.Karma puran says in 1/31/29 slokas. Here all different god and goddess live here. All the ghats have different meaning to it. All the work done near shivlinga have good result.
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