Culture Of Varanasi

Varanasi is the cultural capital of india.
Importance of varanasi in India and especially for Hindus; various aspects of Varanasi, It has many names and what makes it the cultural capital of India is Archaeology, Mythology, Geography, and History of varanasi its unique situation on Ganges, and its journey through the history of India, and quest to know what makes it oldest living city.Many religions, place and types of worship, a religious place and institutions. You will find that even Primitive worship cults are still practiced in this city. Discover the city of Buddha, Jain Tirthankars, Shiva and Vaishnava saints or Devoted saints like Kabir and Tulsi.

Discover the most ancientseat of education in India World the famous scholars and their `Shastrarthas', the great scholars, universities, college, schools, Madarsas and Pathshalas and Guru Shishya traditions, the epics, famous literary works, languages and dialects, journalistic traditions- newspapers and magazine, and famous libraries. Varanasi has been famous for its Music both vocal instrumental, it has its own dance tradition. Add to this a very rich stock of folk Music and drama (esp. Ramlila), the tradition Musical soirees, fairs and festival the rich tradition of Akharas, games and sports. Add to this classical Varanasi Transport vehicles like Ekka and Modern Traffic Jam. Discover the ancient College of Plastic Surgery, Sushruta, Dhanvantri (God of Medicine), Divodas, and practice of all the ancient and modern systems of medicine in action.

Festivals in Varanasi
Ganga Festival: A festive experience like none other awaits you at Ganga Festival at Varanasi.
Kartik Purnima: Celebrated in the month of November-December is the sacred day, when the ghats of Varanasi come alive with thousands of brightly-lit earthern lamps.
Buddh Purnima: This festival is celebrated with pomp and gaiety in Sarnath. This day Lord Buddha was born. A large fair is held in Sarnath and the relics of Buddha are taken out in a procession for public viewing on this day. Buddh Purnima is celebrated during the month of May.
The Ramlila: The Ramlila of Ramagar is famous far and wide. The Ramlila is based on the Ramcharitramanas by Tulsidas. The month ling festival is usually held during October / November and it sees the performance of many ancient rituals.
Hanuman Jayanti: This festival is celebrated to mark the birth of the monkey God Hanuman . The five day long festivities are held at the Sankat Mochan temple. During this festival many plays are staged based on the Saraswati, Ram , Krishnalila and Hanuman Charitra.
Mahashivratri: Though Mahashivratri is celebrated throughout India, Varanasi has some special charm in the celebration the festival. During the festival a procession is taken out from the Maha-Mritunjaya temple to Kashi Viswanath Temple.